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That's a question I asked myself and I got different answers at different times. Just like looking at a multi-cut mirror, you see a new angle, a different shade, a new reason to look all the time. At first, it was simply to block the name and save it for the future and also build a personal e-mail domain for myself. That's also the reason why I went and blocked a number of domains (,, suchitnanda.* etc.). From that e-mail domain, a few would try and not get a site on the domain name so it was something that I set out to do. The other nice fall out was that I could have multi-personalities. for my press work, for the news stuff I would send out to others, for the personal mails etc. Due to my various seminars/talks, I also wanted a place to store the PPT (Power Point) presentations and simply ask the audience to download/view it on the Net rather than have to hurriedly scribble notes (if the print outs were not given by the organizers). so it was nice to be able to give a site URL where the audience could later view/download the presentation. And even before the show, whenever I was to give talks, lectures, presentations, etc. on various topics, I had to give a CV or write up about myself and it was so much simpler to simply pick that off the web. I also got to travel far and wide, and met a lot of interesting people so wanted to build my online travel-album of images, pictures, sounds, etc.
Another reason, quite different was that I was keen to share my experiences and offer my views to others with similar spiritual pursuit. So it wasn't just one reason or idea behind this site but rather a kaleidoscope & multitude of reasons.
I hope you like the site and enjoy visiting it. I would be updating it often enough so do visit regularly and send me your comments so that I can improve the site even more.