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What's New

What's New [01-Aug-2009]:
[Website Launch] Launched "Photonic Yatra", Jul 2009
[Photo Gallery] Bali [Sanur & Kuta], Indonesia, Jun 2009
[Photo Gallery] Bali [Near Ubud], Indonesia, Jun 2009
[Photo Gallery] Bali [Ubud], Indonesia, Jun 2009
[Photo Gallery] Penang, Malaysia, Jun 2009
[Photo Gallery] IDRC's PAN ALL 2009 Conference, Penang, Jun 2009
[Photo Gallery] Updated: Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sep 2007
[Photo Gallery] Updated: Pakistan, Mar 2005 Gallery
[Photo Gallery] Updated: Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mar 2007 Gallery
[Photo Gallery] CM Acharyas Conference, Chinmaya Vibhooti May'09
[Photo Gallery] Updated: Singapore, May 2007 Gallery
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Sensational Sydney", Apr. 2009
[Photo Gallery] Wedding of Jay & Lakshmi Javeri on 9th Apr'09
[Comm Shoot] Shoot for TVEAP: Telephones in emerging economies
[Photo Gallery] Chinmaya Mission's Tulsi Ramayana Recitation Mar'09
[Photo Gallery] Elephant Festival 2009, Jaipur Mar 2009
[Photo Gallery] Holi - The Festival of Colours, Jaipur, Mar 2009
[Comm Shoot] Shoot for Lufthansa at CSI Airport, Mumbai Mar'09
[Photo Gallery] Maha Shivaratri (Mahashivratri), March, 2009
[Photo Gallery] BTW Mag's Travel Special Issue: Mongolia. Feb'09
[Photo Gallery] Hanuman Chanting Jnana Yajna and Havan, Feb'09
[Photo Gallery] Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, Mumbai, Feb 2009
[Photo Gallery] SurajKund Mela, Haryana (Delhi), India, Feb 2009
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Bhutan, 2005
[Award] Won a Merit Prize in IDRC Photo Contest Oct'08
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Jaisalmer - the Golden City" Jan'09
[Photo Gallery] AICHYK Conf & Ganapati Temple Bhoomi Puja, Jan'09
[Photo Gallery] Shri Mangal Moorati Moorya(Ganesh), Talegaon, Jan'09
[Photo Gallery] CM's Swami Ishwaranandaji's visit to Mumbai Jan'08
[Photo Gallery] CM's International Camp, Dec 26-Jan 1, 2009

What's New [31-Dec-2008]:
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Mongolia, Apr 2005
[Photo Gallery] Chinmaya Mission's International Camp, Dec 26'09
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Roman Holiday" Oct'08
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Rajasthan Diwas, Mar 2007
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, Nov 2005
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India, Nov 2005
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Misty Munnar" Aug'08
[Photo Gallery] Updated Gallery: Munnar, India, Feb 2006
[Photo Gallery] Chinmaya Mission's Aacharya Conference Jul'08
[Photo Gallery] CommunicAsia 2008, Singapore 17-20 Jun'08
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Marvelous Melbourne" Jun'08
[Photo Gallery] PhotoFair Kyiv, Digital Photographer Magazine Exhibition, Ukraine. Jun'08
[Photo Gallery] Digital Photographer Magazine, Ukraine 2008
[Photo Gallery] Asian Photography "Langkawi Lures You" May'08
[Photo Gallery] Interview: Time Out Mumbai Magazine April-May'08

What's New [15-Apr-2008]:
[Photo Gallery] SRCM Master's Visit, Mumbai, Mar'08
[Photo Gallery] Majority World Fourth Set sent to
[Photo Gallery] Penang, Malaysia, Mar'08
[Photo Gallery] Langkawi, Malaysia, Mar'08
[Photo Gallery] DirAP Authors' Meeting, Singapore, Mar'08
[Photo Gallery] Suraj Kund Mela, Delhi/Haryana, Feb'08
[Photo Gallery] Kala Ghoda Festival, Mumbai, Feb'08
[Photo Gallery] Piyush & Nimisha's Wed, Feb'08
[Photo Gallery] Visit to Elephanta Caves Feb'08
[Photo Gallery] Nikon D300 (Pics Jurong BirdPark), SG Jan'08
[Photo Gallery] Images of Mysore & Coorg, India, Jan'08

What's New [31-Dec-2007]:
[Photo Gallery] Images of Delhi, Nov 2007
[Photo Gallery] Images from visit to USA, Nov 2007
[Photo Gallery] Images from UNESCO/DRIK visit to Dhaka, Sep 2007
[Photo Gallery] Pic from Ooty, Jul 2007
[Photo Gallery] DirAP - Digital Review of Asia Pacific, KL, 12 Dec, 2007 pictures
[Writing] CommunicAsia 2007, Singapore 19-22 June, 2007 Article
[Photo Gallery] CommunicAsia 2007, Singapore 19-22 June, 2007 pictures

What's New [15-June-2007]:
[Photo Gallery] Updated website image with "Old Memories" section
[Photo Gallery] Joined Stock photography site
[Photo Gallery] DRIK Picture Library (
[Photo Gallery] Majority World First Set
[Photo Gallery] Majority World Second Set
[Photo Gallery] Nanda Family Portraits at India Photo Studio May, 2007
[Photo Gallery] Hanuman Jayanti at Chinmaya Vibhooti, Kolwan Apr'07
[Photo Gallery] Anu's B'day Party on 11th Apr 2007
[Photo Gallery] Anish and Chetna Nanda Wedding 11th Mar'07
[Photo Gallery] Images of Learning Forum, Singapore, Feb 2007

What's New [01-Mar-2007]:
[PowerPoint] PPT of Learning Forum, Feb 2007
[Photo Gallery] Learning Forum - ICT R&D Grants Programme, Feb 2007
[Photo Gallery] Kala Ghoda Arts Festival Feb, 2007
[Photo Gallery] Images for AMIC Book - Kothmale (Sri Lanka)
[Photo Gallery] Images for AMIC Book - Kathmandu (Nepal)
[Photo Gallery] Images for AMIC Book - SIRDI (Nagpur, India)
[Photo Gallery] Images for AMIC Book - Kerala (India)
[Photo Gallery] Images for AMIC Book - NECTEC (Thailand)

What's New [01-Feb-2007]:
[Photo Gallery] Priya's B'day, Jan 2007
[Photo Gallery] Chinmaya Mission Swami Ishwaranandaji's visit to Mumbai, Jan 2007
[Photo Gallery] Lunch with Vipul Shah Lunch at Fine Dine Mumbai 25th Dec 2006
[Photo Gallery] DirAP - Digital Review Ed Board Meeting, Singapore, December 2006

What's New [15-Oct-2006]:
[Photo Gallery] Paris (Again), France, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Valence, France, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Chamonix, France, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Florence, Italy, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Pisa, Italy, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Vatican, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Rome, Italy, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Venice, Italy, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Padova, Italy, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Milan, Italy 2006, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Anncey, France, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Geneva, Switzerland, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] Paris, France, Sept 2006
[Photo Gallery] UNDP's APDIP used a picture for their book

What's New [31-Aug-2006]:
[Photo Gallery] Photo Exhibition - 'Photographers of Powai' 31st Aug - 3rd Sep, 2006
[Photo Gallery] Rakhi - 9th Aug, 2006
[Photo Gallery] Fireflys, Singapore, July 2006
[Photo Gallery] Images of Brisbane, Australia, July, 2006
[Photo Gallery] DirAP II - Digital Review Phase II Meeting, Brisbane July 2006
[Photo Gallery] CommunicAsia 2006, Singapore Expo 20-23 June, 2006
[Photo Gallery] Images of Bangkok, Thailand, June 2006
[Photo Gallery] Attended Asia Commons, Bangkok, June 6-8, 2006

What's New [15-Apr-2006]:
[Photo Gallery] Fell & had a fracture in left ankle @ Munnar, India Feb, 2006
[Photo Gallery] Images of Rajasthan: Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Jaipur, Ajmer & Pushkar Nov, 2005
[Photo Gallery] Images of Australia: Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra Jul, 2005
[Photo Gallery] Uploaded images of 1998 - Live Wire BBS Meet @ Hotel Diplomat
[Photo Gallery] Uploaded images of 1995 - Live Wire BBS Meet @ WIAA Club

What's New [25-Oct-2005]:
[Photo Gallery] Created dedicated webspace for hosting my Pictures & Images
[Photo Gallery] Uploaded Images of Siem Reap, Cambodia Jun, 2005
[Photo Gallery] Images of Bhutan Mar, 2005
[Photo Gallery] Images of Mongolia Mar, 2005
[Photo Gallery] PictoJournal: Pakistan - Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Feb-Mar, 2005

What's New [01-Jan-2005]:
[Photo Gallery] Pics of Vishnu Sahastra Naam By Swami Tejomayananda, Mumbai, Dec, 2004
[Photo Gallery] Pics of Bhakti Sangam By Swami Tejomayananda, Mumbai, Dec, 2004
[Photo Gallery] Pics of IDRC, Ottawa, Canada Visit Oct, 2004

What's New [01-Jul-2004]:
[Photo Gallery] Pics of Chinmaya Mission, Deeksha & P2P, Mumbai, India, Apr'04 & Jun'04
[Photo Gallery] Pics of Chinmaya Mission, Sidhbari Ashram, Himachal Pradesh, India, 11-18 Mar, 2004

What's New [25-Feb-2004]:
[Writing] Added "This is True"
[Photo Gallery] Pics of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India Oct-Nov, 2003
[SRCM] Master's picture (6th Feb, 2004 at Panvel Ashram, Mumbai)

As more updates take place, they shall be added above.