Suchit Nanda - The Online Man
Personalities - Kaynaaz Desai, Voice & Data, December 1994

Well known for providing Live Wire!, the only bulletin board service (BBS) in Bombay, Suchit is the 27 year old CEO of Online Services.

Suchit's fascination for computers started at a young age of twelve when his uncle presented him with a personal computer. He completed his bachelor of engineering in electronics from Thadumal College of Engineering, Bombay. While in college, he worked for the Microcomputer Users Club (MUC) and co-authored "War On Viruses" when he was just 21. He then became the editor of MUC's newsletter, Micronews. He is in the process of writing a book on Data Communications. Around this time he got interested in setting up a BBS. But starting Live Wire was an uphill task as the lines were not allotted on time and the cost of the modems was steep (approximately Rs.25,000). He finally commenced operations of Online Services in 1992. Even after commencing the service Suchit spent six months trying to find out whether Online Services was legal or not. Presently however the system is operating smoothly on six leased lines. Says Suchit "It is a hobbyists' system run professionally".

Having recently set up Live Wire at Calcutta and Pune, Suchit now plans to start BBS's in Ahmedabad and Madras as well. Currently Suchit is working on an ambitious project of formulating an unified interactive network for Asia with one or two major carriers which will service all the Asian countries. This would be a Hub-and-Spoke model, with a consolidation through a single pipeline. This is a project for the NGO's and R&D institutions spread through eight nations.

Suchit believes in "what will be will be". He goes for a swim and plays tennis whenever he gets time. Suchit enjoys reading material on para psychological phenomenon such as extra sensory perception, in addition to the technology magazines and management books. He is a part of a close knit family and his parents are his favorite personalities.

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